The Hound Hangout

Why Daycare?

Dogs, like people, are social animals and a dog that stays at home all day alone will be bored, frustrated and unhappy. They may even exhibit destructive behavior or suffer from separation anxiety. In order for a dog to be happy and healthy they need companionship, stimulation, and exercise. At Hound Hangout Doggie Daycare your dog will get the stimulation, love, and attention he/she deserves in a fun and safe environment. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your dog remains healthy, happy, and well exercised.


1 Day a week/ $25.00 a day

2 or more days a week/ $23.00 a day


All Packages must be used within 30 days from purchase date.

Half Day and Custom packages are available.

4 visits for the month $80.00 ($20 a day)

8 visits for the month $156.00 ($19.50 a day)

12 visits for the month $228.00 ($19 a day)

20 visits for the month $360.00 ($18 a day)

Meet & Greet (Temperament Test Test)
(upon passing, your pup is welcome to stay half day)

Payment must be received on the day services are provided. Paying when you pick up your pup is acceptable. You must also pay for packages in advance

We have a spacious indoor playroom where many toys and activities are provided for your pup. Our huge outdoor play yard is fully fenced and furnished with fire hydrants, toys, and seasonal inspired activities. Your pup will take breaks throughout the day and  have the opportunity for some cuddle time with our two legged pack leaders. There are also webcams accessible through our website so you can check on your pup and their crazy cute antics throughout the day.

Daycare Rates and Information 

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Doggie Daycare Requirements

All Dogs Must first pass a temperament test

All dogs should be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age

Required Vaccines

Rabies: Every 3 years

DHPP: Every 3 years

Bordatella: Every Year

Negative Fecal: Every 6 months

Recommended Vaccines